As a parent you play the most important role in your children’s life. And when it comes to spiritual formation and growth, you, as the parent, are the strongest influence. Our hope here is to help journey with you in that task. We desire to be pointers as we point each other to God and point you to resources that will help you understand more about the development and world of children and teenagers, and to help resource and equip you in the role of spiritual leader.

If you ever have suggestions for resources, topics, or anything else, please let us know! You can comment on any post or email us. We do strongly encourage comments on the posts as we desire for this to be a place that fosters honest and real conversation.

You can check out our church’s website at: http://www.fairfaxumc.org 

If you have any suggestions for this blog or our church’s ministries you can contact:
Natalie Gray – Director of Children’s Ministries

Jay Campbell – Director of Youth Ministries