On this page you will find two forms of newsletters that are full of articles, videos and resources for you. Our hope is that they will help you engage in meaningful conversations with your spouse and your children. We believe that dialogue can profoundly shape our relationship and our stories, and we hope that the resources here are conversations starters around important issues and topics.

The first type of newsletter comes from Download Youth Ministry and has a variety of short articles that cover a diverse array of parenting topics

Parent Newsletter 1
This newsletter has 4 articles: 5 Ways Busy Parents Can Reprioritize Their Lives, Teaching Your Kids About the Real Value of Money, Discussion Questions to Get Your Family Talking, and 10 Building Blocks for a Solid Family

Parent Newsletter 2
This newsletter offers 4 articles: 1) Are SmartPhones & Social Media Too Dangerous for My Kids? Or Can Today’s Parents Effectively Teach Mobile-Device-Responsibility? 2) Now What? Too High Parental Aspirations Can Hurt Kids’ School Performance; 3)No Quick Fixes: Exceptional Parents Are Intentional Parents; 4) Building a Legacy: Creating Family Traditions

Parent Newsletter 3
This newsletter offers 4 articles: Pass A Legacy of Faith To Your Kids; Parenting Teens: When to Be There and When to Stay Away; Mentoring Your Kids, & Helping Your Kids Feel Safe in a Crazy World

Parent Newsletter 4
This newsletter offers 3 articles: An Introduction to Generation Z (AKA Your Teen); Adolescence: A Season of Pressure; and 3 Simple Parenting Tips You Don’t Typically Hear

Parent Newsletter 5
This newsletters offers a funny video and 3 articles: 1) Back-To-School Checklist, 2) Social Media 101: Digital Self-Harm: A Cry for Help, and 3) The High Call of Parenting


The second type of newsletter comes from the newsletters that the youth ministry has created over the past year. There are tons of resources in each of the monthly newsletters. Please take advantage and take time to chew on all this is available here.

August Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on: sticky faith, screen times relation to mental health, tips for a successful school year, avoiding sibling comparison, relationship wisdom for busy parents and more!

September Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on: a 30 year view of parenting, videos on Challenge Success, parenting guidelines, the teenage brain, teen depression, and much more.

October Newsletter (2)
This newsletter focuses on: helping kids keep the faith, 20 ways grandparents can help shape their grandchildren’s faith, the #1 reason teens keep the faith as young adults, more teens becoming “fake” christians, 6 myths about teenage faith in American and much more

November Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on: family practices of prayer, family practices of generosity, how to respond when your kids says “I’m not going to church,” encouraging spiritual habits in your kids, learning about the teenage mind, a gratitude guide and much more

December Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on: improving communication with your teen, importance of being there, creative ways of giving as a family, ways teens can put their faith into action, a look at World Aids Day, and more

January 2016 Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on: John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer, the alphabet of spiritual literacy, 10 things every parent should know about gaming, raising creative kids, what to do when your child doesn’t want to talk to you about dating, and a unique look at the Lord’s prayer

February 2016 YM Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on Lent. It is packed with resources for parents, youth and families to do individually and together.

March 2016 Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on spiritual formation for busy lives: daily practices for prayerful living, The Poverty and Justice Bible, prayers by Christian contemplatives, transforming Bible study, personal prayer labyrinth, and common prayer: a liturgy for ordinary radicals

April YM Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on: connecting with your Jr. High kid, 7 ways to talk with your son, navigating the college choice dilemma, how the church can learn from board game theory, the WWE, “Geek” culture, and the Piano Guys, praying for the Syrian Refugee Crisis, if Jesus preached a sermon today, and many more thoughts and ideas about rethinking church

May YM Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on: resources for transition season, encouraging your teen to sleep more, a guide for helping teens in crisis, praying for General Conference, youth resources, and a theology corner that looks at money, doubt, John Wesley and our fear of the other

June Youth Ministry Newsletter
This newsletter focuses on family practices of mission such as: what scripture says about poverty, how lament can help fight racism, ways to raise generous children, micro loans and child sponsorship, organizations, songs and videos to inspire you to act, how to compassionately respond to panhandling, challenging consumerism in your life, living more environmentally friendly and more

July-Summer YM Newsletter
This newsletters focuses on ecumenical opportunities of prayer and justice with the global and national Christian community, resources for deeper biblical study and programs for spiritual formation, great blogs from Christian thinkers and writers, great justice networks you can participate in, and online opportunities for spiritual growth and theological learning.